Gun Control, Immigration, Amnesty & the State of the Union

You'll here next week about gun control legislation. See here the summary of the Manchin/Toomey compromise: To me it appears to clean up some processes to catch up with technology, reduce the cost and burden for Conceal Carry buyers and sellers and doesn't infringe on person to person sales. It will be tough to fight it given the mental health issues present in the latest mass killings by James Holmes, Jarad Loughner and Adam Lanza.

Also up is an Immigration/Amnesty Bill that includes amnesty for workers unlawfully employed in agriculture: All this while able bodied Americans languish on an ever growing explosion of welfare and the lowest labor participation rate since the 70s. The explosion of social security disability aren't included in these numbers. Those near, at or beyond retirement age can't afford not to work as the over all savings rate declines and over 65 household consumer debt increases and this age group still has 36 billion in unpaid student loans

As Ben Bernanke talks QEInfinity and completely ignores labor participation rates or the correlation between government spending and how it drives unemployment consumers are pulling back and what spending occuring is focused on the basics

We have a spending and unemployment problem. Let's fight more immigration beyond increased enforcement only, cut social spending that has sidelined able bodied Americans and end the subsidies that prohibit mobility. Entitlement Spending Is America’s Biggest Fiscal Challenge, but Discretionary Spending Is Still Far too High

57% of the work force has saved $25,000 or less for retirement

Those that thought they'd have enough thru pensions will shortly confront the reality of underfunded multi-employer pensions. As municipal bankrupcies make their way through the courts, government under-funded pensions will also need to be cut and capped. There is a real possiblity that these folks too would like the option to work full or part time as they age. Those pensions that are properly funded will not be in the very near future if new hirees are added to the system and hence we can anticipate that this batch of government employees will also experience unexpected pension losses when they can least afford them.

The only solution to this demographic dilemma are jobs and federal spending thru such boondoogles as the Skills Act is further mal-investment and a usurpation by government of crony business expenses.

I haven't touched on the even higher unemployment among minorities, the young or the fact that our government continues to import labor for the jobs our young should be doing in order to gain experience. The way the inside the progressive beltway folks put it, teenage blacks and latinos in Washington DC aren't worthy of working in the Country Clubs of politicians and cronies even though it is they that educate them in their monopoly schools so they import them from places like Serbia in the summer and Chili in the winter.

We need Constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. Its the only cure to what ails our economy and the pathologies big government inflicts by enabling bad behavior

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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