See this great video with Ginny Thomas, (Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife) and author Andy Andrews on his short book "How To Kill 11 Million People". The videos are short and the next video link is below each video.

Our government does so many unconstitional things that the unthinkable changes in our law and courts become a possibility. The only cure is to cut unconstitutional government spending and repeal or reform Federal laws to comport with enumerated powers. See here Ron Paul's thorough response to Tea Party Patriots Presidential Survey that address many of the concerns many demographics even in opposing parties have

Truth is not owned by either party. Help your neighbors, friends and family see the truth that leads them to see the lies and help them get over the fact that most lie at one point of another thru misdirection, obfustication, false choices etc and the conflicts of interest that motivate them to do so. The consequences are too great to not fight for our liberty and prosperity. For the moment we cut government spending is the moment we being to cure the problem.

See the latest misdirection and false choice set up by big government spending "Republicans". Suggesting that they "have no choice" but to gain jobs (The Keystone XL Pipeline)  ) by attaching it to a Transportation and Energy Loan Bill whose mal-investment is destroying our Country here

Transportation spending has exploded over the last three years and the Transportation Trust Fund will be another taxpayer funded Bailout before the November election and blows thru the Ryan Budget that Republicans agreed to. This is a problem in BOTH parties, this is just the GOP cronies that will now benefit but they are proving they will continue to destroy Americans. Folks need to confront this in order for us to stop this trainwreck.. See here the lies Hilter told to get elected and how he ushered the Jews into the gettos and camps that led to their deaths with lies

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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