Immigration and the Enablers of Pathology

Having grown up in Washington DC where the pathology of the War of Poverty decimated the black non-government population who were subjects to their bretheren, I am particularly alarmed by the enablers who personally wouldn't work in a meat factory and project that on welfare recipients and don't want to "deal" with those newly motivated to work at any job because social welfare has been cut.

Erick Erikson sadly mimics this behavior in his piece here as to why we should have immigration and amnesty rather then rescue the people govt has destroyed by cutting off the money and incentivizing mobility thru private solutions (ie Employment agencies that do background checks on city and suburbian unemployed for jobs and relocation services through out the Nation)

We do need immigration reform by applying the laws we have as has been made clear from the series of enabling misjudgements evident on the bomber family's application for political asylum (the parents are back in Russia), granting citizenship to a 18-19 year old without a means of supporting himself, not immediately expelling an long term unemployed and unemployable 27 year a word, evidently "floundering" immigrants incapable of doing much of anything. We've got plenty of those already on welfare and our welfare system attracts those more likely to fail.

We need to cut Federal welfare spending and the cronyism fueling unemployment. We need to incentivize mobility among the recently cut off and get America working again. THEN, we need to clean up the system designed to supple international labor. The fact that local Country clubs, community pools and local ice cream shops have immigrant labor when young adults, especially minorities are unemployed is criminal because it sets these young adults up for future failure because most employers expect the basics from college graduates.

Demand they cut welfare and cronyism and enforce immigration laws on the books now. And once labor participation returns to 75%, then consider how many immigrants we need. More prosperity, even if it means working in a meat factory, means more american born kids surviving to birth with married working parents (because marriage is now a competitive economic advantage) they have a higher chance of respecting.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

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