Is Congress Helping the Iranian Authoritarian Govt?

It is well worth reading the below link on the upcoming Iranian election. You may see some startling similarities with our own political parties.
"Why Iran’s Election Is a Farce".

The jailed REAL opposition sounds like another Ron Paul.


Ron Paul is the only candidate ready, willing and able to stop this rapid, aggressive destruction of the American people. Authoritarians can consolidate power by impoverishing their people. Paul is willing to cut off this toxic, out of control spending and power structure in America. If you do NOT want to see our Country devolve into another Iran, Russia or Venezuela - reach out to the Ron Paul campaign to volunteer for super Tuesday over the week end. Here is Ron Paul on the status of his election run. .


And, for a bit of humor, Jay Leno on Ron Paul's need for Security.


In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

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