Dear Patriots,

As many Tea Party gather on the steps of the Supreme Court today to support Hobby Lobby in their freedom of conscious against an ever more oppressive Government I learn the facts of the monopoly "two party" system Nationally and here in Virginia.

The Crony Democrat supported "Main Street Partnership" coordinates with Crony "GOP" Leadership.

Cantor backed crony "GOP" are slating in Virginia and bringing in Democrat government workers to remove local grassroots from GOP leadership to avoid another limited government nomination in Virginia. Crony Socialist don't care about the brand of party as long as they obtain their plunder. Know "Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedure" and bring enough folks to out vote them.

Expect this same tactic across the Country. Cantor worked against Ken Cuccinelli, who ran for Governor and lost when Crony GOP pulled the rug and money out from under him a month before the election. Cuccinelli sued Cantor crony who were over charging and hence plundering government workers State Pension fund. Though Cuccinelli lost in Virginia, other State Attorney Generals were successful such as Pam Bondi in Florida.

Terry McAuliffe meanwhile is promising huge pay raises for State employees while undermining financially their pensions. He is banking on greed and lack of attention to detail for mindless support from government employees for Medicaid expansion under Obamacare while wildly over optimistic rates of return lull them into complacency. Thus they work hard to undermine themselves and like those in Detroit, will be too old to fight when the Ponzi scheme of underfunded pensions has to collapse.

The bottom line is that all will lose in the end to plundering by cronies. The more plunder they get, the more impoverished and toxic the environment as they divide to conquer. The more successful cronies get at making a sham of the two political parties the faster we arrive at the inevitable conclusion where most government and union employees and welfare dependents find out that a far worse world awaits them and all those promises made by their felonious political representatives can't overcome the unjust financial want they helped create.

Much of what you read and see in the political arena is kabuki theatre, meant to fool you into complacency. Grassroots has only defeated slating in Virginia once. When plunders have the unlimited ability to steal our money to use against us, it's tyranny to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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