50% of STEM graduates in the US are under or unemployed. We have the lowest labor participation rate since 1979 and an economic crushing expansion of welfare because of it. We need to cut welfare deeply, tap the breaks on low skilled workers till labor participation rises..I submit this will only take a few years.

We need to cut welfare here in the US, end Refugee to welfare visas, end all incentives to come here illegally which means ending the anchor baby tourist industry, end govt enabling illegal immigration and all other services that assist illegals in making it in America.

I like a lot of Marco Rubio's ideas in dealing with illegals here now...but again, AFTER cutting welfare and labor participation goes up to full employment. If we do a Dream Act for kids raised here, no illegal parents should be able to use that to become legal or eligible for any entitlements or welfare. Any Dream Act should also be delayed until full employment has been reached.

And finally, legal temporary immigrants should have a choice of participating in entitlements or saving in private accounts in lieu social security and Medicare. Our entitlements are a rip off and temporary visa holders should be able to take their retirement money with them rather than pay into a system they will never benefit from. Employers wouldn't get any advantage as they'd be required to pay entitlement contributions and premiums to or for the benefit of the Temporary Visa holder for individually owned retirement and health insurance.
In Liberty,
Lisa Miller
Tea Party WDC

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