Paul Ryan's budget doesn't offer an alternative to the sequestration that will automatically happen in the Spring under the debt deal. I can't see a budget that doesn't account for those cuts nor is one that balances in 2050 reasonable though I like some of the structural changes he proposes.  


We have a spending problem and we are on a path to a worse out come than Greece. We are much more vulnerable to shocks as our financial health continues to deteriorate because we aren't cutting enough spending to get ahead of the debt bomb and create the room for capitol formation and growth.


I prefer Ron Paul's one trillion in immediate cuts and a balanced budget in four for we can easily hold Ron Paul and Congress accountable in two Congressional elections. The RSC (Republican Study Committee) proposes to balance in five years or three Congressional election cycles and two Presidential elections. I prefer the short cycle as most of the one trillion was added to the baseline Federal government budget only a few years ago.


I prefer entitlement reform that allows all income levels to phase toward private, personal accounts. I think the government needs to get out of the way of personalization. Aren't entitlements an unbearable tax for a benefit never recieved by one who dies young? If I am a miner, for example, I'd want access to my retirement earlier because I'll likely become unable to work sooner.


This permits everone the freedom to design benefits in the way best suited to their needs. As many know I don't think Social Security much less other programs are constitutional. There is a clear role for charity on an individual, local and State level but those benefits should be uniform, not preemptive and should be fully portable in a purely commercial market where government regulates and oversees markets but does not participate.  


Here is an excellent analysis of how we should approach tax reform before Congress by Dan Mitchell


Rep. Scott Garrett, Chairman, RSC Budget and Spending Task Force

CUT, CAP, AND BALANCE: A Fiscal Year 2013 Budget

March 2012


The Republican Study Committee’s budget

is based upon the following common-sense principles:

The budget should balance within ten years without raising any taxes.

Our proposal balances the federal budget in 2017.

The budget should strengthen Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to ensure their longterm


Our proposal makes common-sense reforms to strengthen Medicare and Medicaid by

offering increased choices and improved services, and saves Social Security by

strengthening the program’s bank account. There are no changes for seniors currently

55 years and older.

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