Suing the GOP & Trump for Fraud and Racketeering #FullRepeal #Obamacare

Dear Patriots,

We've donated millions to the GOP, PACs and non-for-profits and worked millions of hours for eight years for the full repeal of Obamacare. Countless times and in multiple ways Senators, Congressman, Donald Trump, and Republican officials have promised it.

A Virginia Beach retired lawyer is suing for his donations back from the GOP for fraud and racketeering.

Note Morton Blackwell blames us in the above piece when these politicians have an infinite ability to rob us, political money launder to maintain incumbency, and use this money against us in 1,000 ways. Blackwell is blaming us for not being Superman, or David vs Goliath.

Local, State and Federal parties should be sued for this fraud and racketeering, and plenty of these suits should  target every mechanism that the GOP taxes, redistributes, and regulates us to take our money that is used to advocate inside and out of govt against us.

Its quite plain that the broad Unconstitutional usurpations and manipulations of markets Congress, the Courts and Executive intervene in more often than not no longer act for the General Welfare but for the benefit of the Larcenous Class controlling both parties, crony businesses and "non-for-profits". This is evident in the higher mortality rate of the poor and sick, the robbing of discretionary income and loss of economic opportunity and so much more.

I ask that you add up all donations to local, State and Federal parties since Obamacare was introduced..maybe even go further back to leadership present who fought against Hillarycare.

There is no bi-partisan solution either. The only cure to full repeal, and then go back to the State capitals and repeal the mandates that destroyed their markets.;

In liberty,

Lisa Miller


Tea Party WDC

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