Ron Paul did extrordinairily well last night. Why you ask? When only 33% of the population is in the free market getting 41% of the vote against Romney in Virginia is extraordinary. These 33% don't receive Government subsidies or entitlements, don't work for government and are not a part of the 1% super wealthy. We must keep in mind that some of the 33% are progressive Crony Capitalists and if you want their rational, see this brief history Many are the newly unemployed and young adults who see their future opportunities diminished.


Pro-lifers should note the decline in birth-rate as women pop abortion pills rather than bring a child into a world where it is an automatic condemnation to government dependency. With the progressive tax code that punishes those trying to escape dependency, there is little hope. Progressive Democrats are talking murder rather than jobs as the solution such as forcing an even lower birth rate thru contraception and abortion drug entitlements and Obamacare death panels. Republicans are talking oil revenue as their way to continue spending. Neither wants to stop spending as is clear from their choices of Obama (more Socialism) and Romney, Santorum and Ginigrich (Corporatism, a form of Fascism.) Both parties are filled with government workers and others from the "takings" class, so this is not surprising.


Revenue to GDP is expected to fall from 14.9% to 14.4%. Remember in the Balanced Budget Amendment debates they said our average Revenue to GDP was 18%? See the ridiculous fantasy projections after 2012 With debt accelerating as revenues fall, more government dependents will be squeezed. Those who recieve entitlements will be cut off through death panels, entitlement reform and those who are considered middle class are being impoverished thru flat rates of return on savings and inflation. Without jobs to supplement their meager and diminishing savings,  more will fall into poverty and dependence.


We need to reach out to those who fight the "fate" big government is forcing upon them. And bolster those who still have a dream of independence and self-reliance. Take heart that Ron Paul has grown his support for Constitutional limited government and witness the courage he constantly displays in the face of overwelming odds and opposition from the hyper-interventionalists, the subsidized and regulatorily protected establishment media or the government employees and cronies within the GOP.


We the few, the remenent of a great Nation, need to continue the fight. See the signs of success whether it is cutting back government union influence on a State level or the defeat of RINOs and Democrats at every level. We must reach out to the lazy republicans who fail to do their homeowork on candidates. We must identify those in the "Leave Us Alone" coalition and ensure they are rightly identifying those that will limit government, for that is the only way to address all of their objectives. We must regain fiscal responsibility, Constitutionally limit government and reestablish regulated "free markets" (those free of government competition).


In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

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