The Cancer of "Good Intentions" - Trump Wants to Bailout States After Storms

Dear Patriots,

Donald Trump made an awful decision today to use unconstitutional Federal redistribution to "aid" those impacted by the storms across the South rather than call on us to donate to the Red Cross or charities in the areas impacted. This money is typically misappropriated to fill holes in budgets by State level Larcenous Class and because of the Federal "heroin fix", never financially prepare for these predictable, sometimes preventable, tragic events.

This is important because his pick, Wilber Ross for Commerce Secretary, mentions his concern for "Climate Change" as he lives in FLORIDA where developers built in high risk areas and redistribute the risk cost to the Flood program, and through State insurance to Great cost to those inland and in other States. See the last paragraph of this article

Trump's pick for Department of Interior also says he supports climate change

As it is, the Flood Program needs to be privatized or at a minimum, developers, real estate owners, Municipalities and States should carry their own freight in high risk areas.

If people don't have insurance, then this is what charity, local social services and business is for. Taking money from those that can't afford it, leads us to look up one day, like in New York City or here in Virginia and certainly in Washington DC and wonder why there are so many homeless.

Donald Trump is getting mighty quick to rob Peter to pay Paul. Peter then suffers tragedy that isn't shown on TV. He just shows up one day on the street asking for spare change.

Donate to the Red Cross, there will quickly be campaigns to give to those families, give to local charities, AND contact your Congressmen and Senators to tell them NO MORE unconstitutional theft for it creates more victims, more tragedy. This theft and all others leads to poverty, not prosperity.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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