The Enablers of Abortion Speak at the March for Life

If life is important to you, understand how both parties' establishment ensure abortion continues with $500 million annually of our money.


The Debt Cailing "Deal" that intentionally prevents the Republicans from stopping funding of Planned Parenthood and abortion mount the stage to pretend they support life. The House has control of the purse strings. All appropriations bills must orginate in the House of Representatives. If they create false choices and cripple their ability to stop it, they are as responsible as those that publically demand abortions as a "Constitutional Right as Obama did.


John Boehner here

Eric Cantor here


Meanwhile Rand Paul is coincidentally stopped from speaking at the March to Life event by TSA. See here and here


See Obama state that abortion is a "Constitutional Right".


Looks like Pro-Lifers are being played and can be played by their lack of knowledge of the Constitution meant to protect life. Deeds not words have led to 50 million children being killed, financed by our money. With the morning after pill, we must address our declining morality by limiting government and creating the economic opportunity that allows folks to see they can support the life they created by their own actions and decisions. 

See Ron Paul on life

The Sanctity of Life Act Ron Paul has put forward again and again removes abortion from judicial review, clarifies that life begins at conception which then makes it murder. And murder is enforced by the States. 


In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

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