Renegades & Cowboy Boots Reveal their Establishment Clothing

This week we've heard the last groups and figure heads reveal they are big government establishment. This appears to be over Ron Paul's Just Wars Doctrine , the constitutional end to Nation Building and foreign aid to ALL foreign Nations as well as a "my favorite" government spending mentality.


The Establishment of BOTH parties forced us to pay for the "Arab Spring". The assasination of Ghaddafi has freed the "inmates", the violent forces he was fighting. Doctors without Borders report widespread torture


Now Sam LaHood, Ray LaHood's son ( Cabinet King of mal-investment transportation pork) and BOTH parties' interventionist representatives have been prevented from leaving Egypt for their meddling in Egypt's affairs and their activities in causing the "Arab Spring".


Other Countries are also beginning to resent Washington DC elite establishment's interference. Secretary of State Clinton for instance has been funding through the State Department a group to protest the Pakistani government who are radicalized. This may not seem a lot of money but in Pakistan it goes a long way.


Here Sarah Palin reveals herself by making a ridiculous assurtion that challenging Newt Gingrich's big government voting record is akin to the crucifiction of Christ.


Romney rightly pointed out last night that Newt has been promising government spending at every campaign stop and did so last night to build a moon colony when Government spending has destroyed the Space industry. Least we forget how hypocritical Romney is, see here


Newt's film on Romney's private sector activity diverts attention from the subsidies, grants, tax benefits and lobbying that help make Romney such a "success". Newt, in my opinion, is helping Romney as clearly Newt is not on every ballot and his bickering is giving the illusion of a reasonable Romney. This will then "herd" the rest of the establishment into Romney's crony capitalist, Romneycare, taxing and spending arms.


Why would Palin do this? Establishment are snobs. So she broke the establishment to become establishment not to limit an unjust government. The Oil revenue share she arranged let's Alaska continue to be the largest recipient of Federal funds and still pick and chose the mandates they want to avoid.


Then Freedomworks "surrenders" to a brokered convention where they've decided on a frugal socialist who accepted lots of Obama stimulus, Mitch Daniels. and here


Here is just some examples of Mitch Daniel's crony capitalism and here is the latest energy company to go bankrupt in Indiana. Read the last line...looks like there are more bailouts or they'll be forgiven the debt for them to remain in business.


See Dick Armey and Ron Paul AGREEING with each other as they discuss the stimulus spending.  Ron Paul points out that talk of limiting government by advocates never leads to follow thru. and yet here lies the proof that cutting government will create jobs and prosperity.


Listen carefully for their different emphasis. Dick Armey agrees with Ray:LaHood, the King of mal-investment in transportation pork on Infrastucture stimulus spending that drives unemployment.


Obama's State of the Union speech was one big bribe to BOTH parties cronies. And he is continuing the "green energy" boondoggle thru forcing the military budget to buy the products we are forced to subidize thru bad government loans. So we are paying for this both in the bankrupting loans, thru mandates and thru higher costs in the military budget.


What concerns me about Freedomworks is their latest push for school "choice". The current problem is the education spending for people that can carry their own parental responsibilities and in a monopoly public school system. Freedomworks has decided to approach it with the European model of school choice that has destroyed religious and private education. We need to end federal funding of education and change State constitutions to fund only the poorest with vouchers, thus forcing privatization of all public schools. Hard as this may be, it starts with ending the Federal funding and only one candidate will cut government spending.


This election is between the Washington DC, State and local establishment, foreign and domestic cronies verses the American people - see here


We need to stop the spending. We need to cut them ALL off. Get involved, become a delegate, for the sad truth is, the establishment would be happy to have Obama reelected. $1.5 trillion extra annual spending goes a long way to meet both parties' demands.


In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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