The GOP is Running to Lose Against Obama

Does the GOP want to lose against Obama? How does it serve them to maintain a strawman (Obama)? They can continue to spend and make false promises and then blame Obama. This is playing out in the payroll tax cut as Boehner says they won't offset the Democrats demand to undermine our Country faster here and the GOP endorsed ruinous Highway Robbery Bill here Obama conceded "defeat" and promised cooperation in the State of the Union address to buy off the GOP and his budget shows it. Obama's budget reflects the same fantasy math the GOP is employing in the Highway Bill. See here


Boehner has set up a few "Waaa! See, Obama isn't letting me get my way" manuvuer such as this sacrifice of Washington DC's children, forever held hostage by a vicious big government when ALL know cutting the Department of Education and forcing States to privatize public schools and make deep union cuts is the only way for parents to get real school choice.


This hostage taking of the abused children of Washington DC has been going on for decades. This is why big government is evil because it "forces" those who want unconstitutional, freedom depriving spending like the Catholic church with their expressed desire for universal coverage to accept being held hostage to the loss of their religious freedom when in fact government run healthcare has always lead to less prosperity and less healthcare. The Church is being systematically destroyed because the private sector who support them are being destroyed. Like so many, folks are forgetting the source of the cancer, big government, and instead turning to it to "save them". This is how so many walked willing to their deaths in Germany. Use abusive psychology


In my opinion, there are two psychological and practical hurdles...the low primary turn outs says folks are demoralized and clearly see there is no difference between the parties and the anti-competitive aspects built-in to protect the two party system.


What is the reward for Romney, Gingrich and Santorum is run to lose? I remember a political writer once saying there are many reasons folks run for sell books, to increase a database they can sell, to leverage more Corporate cronyism, seats on Boards, influence peddling and other favors lobbyists love.


In Liberty,

Lisa Miller,

Tea Party WDC

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