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Another week, another round of articles and discussions about what's wrong with the Republican Party and how to fix it. At first I thought the soul-searching that followed the GOP electoral defeats of 2006 and 2008 was healthy; every institution ought to reevaluate itself periodically to ensure it remains true to its core purpose and is headed in a direction consistent with that purpose. Nowadays, however, will all the finger-pointing and name calling between Republicans past and present, it's just exasperating. Let's just cut through all the nonsense and establish one thing; whatever the Republican Party becomes, it ought to be what the Democratic Party isn't. That's why we're called the opposition - we're supposed to be the opposite of the Democrats.

That's why I find myself amused when the Democrats spend millions of dollars on an ad campaign to label the GOP as the "party of no." I say bring it on - I'll even wear the t-shirt if they've got one. I have no problem whatsover being the one that always has to say no.

The Democrats are spending our money like a teenager with Daddy's credit card who plans to stick us with the bill. They are dividing us by class and declaring those who've played by the rules and realized the American Dream unworthy of their lawfully gained wages and possessions. They are rewarding their political allies with our tax dollars and funding morally reprehensible practices such as abortion, embryonic stem cell research, voter fraud, and the creation of special classes of individuals for whom justice will peek out from behind her blindfold and treat preferentially because of who they are or what they do.

They are taking educational choice in Washington, DC from the very people for whom they claim compassion, and selling off controlling interest in a major American manufacturer, in both cases to appease organized labor over the greater good of the American people. They are dictating the direction of major industries and the financial services sector, obliterating the wall between government and free enterprise and moving us toward a state-planned economy.

They are attempting to bypass the First Amendment and force their worldview on the American people by mandating a "balance" of opinion on the airwaves and other mediums of communication, regardless of the fact citizens have indicated their preferences through the ratings and their advertising dollars. They want to select judges who use feelings rather than equal justice under the law as the gold standard of jurisprudence, enabling them to achieve through judicial fiat what they cannot accomplish through the legislative process.

They travel abroad and make apologetic, self-loathing statements proclaiming America to be an irresponsible actor on the world stage, emboldening our enemies who prey on our weaknesses, perplexing our allies who despite their bluster depend on America's strength, and disrespecting the American people who for generations have invested their money, devoted their time and spilled their blood to bring freedom and prosperity to the four corners of the globe, something no other great nation in history has ever done.

And we're not supposed to say "no" to all of this?

I will say "no" from the peak of Mount McKinley to the floor of Death Valley. I will say "no" alongside the spirits of the men and women who created this exceptional nation and preferred the freedom of death to subservience under the living. I will say "no" in the sanctuary of the churches which worship the Creator and Giver of the unalienable human rights of life, liberty and ownership of the fruits of our honest labor. I will say "no" in the public square as we honor the patriots of the 1773 Boston Tea Party with our own grass-roots protests for "less taxation and more representation" as a supporter of mine puts it. I will say "no" even if it makes me a security risk according to the Department of Homeland Security, an entity I regrettably helped to establish and which is now being used to challenge our freedoms of assembly and petition.

Conservatives in general and the Republican Party in particular need to develop a compelling narrative that reaches into homes and hearts beyond our base. We don't need to change our principles or our policies which, despite the Democrats' claims of failure, were never actually tried over the past eight years. More money in people's pockets and less government in their lives is still a winning strategy, but we need to preach it well and practice it better. In the meantime, we must be the loyal opposition; that's our charge in a republic. After all, somebody's got to be the adult in this relationship.

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