The Maine Model Trumpcare, Not Good for the Sick or the Taxpayer #TeaParty

Dear Patriots,

I spoke with a Congressman today who says the GOP wants to use the Maine Insurance model of a "High Risk Pool", mandating that there should be welfare for the sick who can afford their premiums, co-pays and deductibles. It redistributes the cost three ways; to all policies, to other States taxpayers and likely thru monetary manipulation, and as we all know, we have welfare and entitlements we can't pay for now.

Maine, thru a questionnaire, places the "High Risk" in the pool without your knowing it. It segregates and leaves this vulnerable population to political expediency, manipulation, recessions, and of course, death panels. I don't think it's a coincidence that Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch is an "ethical" expert on "Right to Die", Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide be it a defensive or offensive political maneuver.

What's most alarming is that already under Medicaid Expansion (1) the poor and sick are suffering from higher mortality rates. The govt cancer (2) will get to these lower and middle class sick in the high risk pools, who may pay more than average in a free market yet far less than they are paying now, with lower deductibles. The poor and sick and temporarily financially stymied sick would be far better off in a State-based program of more modest proportions with a nimbler responsiveness to both the unexpected and predictable chronic conditions.

A Maine knock off as Trumpcare is subsidized and mandated on Fed level, unconstitutional and ultimately bad for the sick and the taxpayer. Maine has the right to do this type of program, but not at another State's cost thru Fed redistribution. I'm helping folks right now: one doesn't have insurance, is sick and young and one is 59, can't afford to work because of need for healthcare and she'd be better off working the 3 1/2 days she is capable of despite and because of her illnesses. We need free markets. We need what Trump and the GOP promised, full repeal so weak and strong can work the best deal for their specific needs.

(1) See higher Medicaid Expansion Mortality rates here (exception Massachusetts) ;

(2) See Massachusetts, the "golden child" of good outcomes, cut their budget by $400-500 million with an addition deficit of $200-300 million. So check mortality rates in a few years to see what I mean.

Tell your Representatives and Senators to do what they promised, full repeal of Obamacare and implementation of free market reforms. 

Best Regards and in Liberty,

Lisa Miller


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