The Tea Party Maintained Gains and Earned More Seats

Scott Walker won because he actually cut govt and union control. We retained much of the Tea Party gains and gained more limited government intiatives at the State level and seats in the House and Senate (welcome Ted Cruz!). Now we must demand candidates at all levels that will do the same. Big Government GOP lost big. 

The next fight is in one week when the unconstitutional (in my opinion) Lame Duck session begins. The debt ceiling is first up along with all the cronies that are demanding pay back for supporting and controlling both parties. So, take a break, take care of yourself and family and gain some perspective. See you next week!

Paul Ryan was reelected to his House seat. The only way to win in 2016 is to cut deeply and immediately government spending. We must defund those that use our money against us. This means challenging current House Leadership's bias to cave to more spending and defund cronies on both sides of the aisle. All appropriations Bill start in the House and, yes, they need to be perfectly willing to shut down Congress. The GOP must be willing to cut off those that mercilessly plunder us so we are better positions (We the People) to fight back in 2014 and 2016.

Here are some Ron Paul backed candidates that won.

We need to develop this type of data-mining and target marketing ability here

Time for push ups, sit ups and a bruising work out. Time to get back into shape for the next fight!

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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