Virginia Alert: Medicaid Expansion will cost $300 Million

Dear Patriots,

Please call, email and visit your Virginia State Senators to vote "No" on Medicaid Expansion. Here is their contact information:

If you don't, when you are sick you will pay much more of your much higher deductible, insurance premiums will rise, and more sick will fall into poverty and not get the care they need because, like in every other State this has been tried, the poor die sooner under Medicaid Expansion.

The House of Delegate has already passed it. Republican turn coats voted to increase medical costs by $300 million such as Delegate Terry Kilgore for repealable adjustments like work requirements.

Virginia Democrats and some Republicans voted for insurance mandates that have made insurance more expensive for the working poor, created the problem they seek to "correct". This was before even greater mandates under Obamacare as stated in my testimony about reforming Medicaid

Repeal of these market destroying insurance mandates are the only cure and what Virginians need as soon as possible.

Make the call. Write the email. Medicaid Expansion will be like an anchor on our economy and aside for those vulnerable poor, will touch every one of us, dragging us all down.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller
Tea Party WDC

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