When the Cradle Is Taken from the Rocking Hand: Supplanting The "Fair" Debate with "Justice"

From the Desk of The Exceptional Conservative

And afterward came out his brother, that had the scarlet thread upon his hand: and his name was called Zarah. ~ Genesis 38:30

I know that many of you have thrown away your Heritage Dictionaries and have leaned on the Wisdom of the Great One in the White House to outline for you what true justice is. The Great Harvard Graduate Without Grades defines Justice as:

“We’ve got some difficult debates and some tough fights to come,” Obama said. “As I’ve said before, we are at a make-or-break moment for the middle class. And in many ways, the actions we take in the months ahead will help determine what kind of country we want to be, and what kind of world we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in.” [ President Obama in his final weekly address of 2011]

Obama's definition of justice is built on the word "fair" and he defines it as "making or breaking the middle class." I rightly don't know if that is an apt definition of either justice or fair. I am a certain that if I turn to Attorney General Eric Holder, he would be square with me and define each rightly. Not that I would be prejudiced by the fair treatment of Solyndra however, I trust Holder would give a better deifintion than Obama.

One of my favorite truth sayings in the Word of God is the telling of the Justice of Tamar. I well know that with all of the Ivory Tower convolutions of the King James Bible that yours might have a different read. I'll go with my interpretation in order to expound upon the power of a red string. Unquenched by this, you may ask, "What is the power of the red string?" It's regal purpose has been spoken of over aeons. In Japanese and Chinese cultures of yore, the red thread signed that the gods tied an invisible red string around the ankles of those that are destined to be soul mates and marry. In Hebraic culture, inheritance was crucial to the general welfare of the nation. It was the eldest son that received the lion's share of wealth, property and business upon the death of the father. In cases where a mother conceived twins, the midwife would tie the hand of the first child that pierced the womb thus, eliminating any debate of legitimacy of the reward of spoils. In Tamar's case, her levirate cause ended with the greatest shock of her and our lives. She surely had twins. Surely, one child--Zarah (rising light)--extended a hand to receive a "fair" reward. The midwife did as she ought. However, the second baby--Pharez ("breach")--extended himself and received a "just" reward. Now many of you ask, "Why did you label Zarah the "fair" baby and Pharez, the "just" baby. Zarah inherited a portion of the wealth of Judah and is never mentioned again in the Bible. Pharez became the paternal linneage of the Great King David and the King of Kings, Jesus the Christ. Just and Fair ain't the same, as best said in my unsavory southern colloquialism. Hence, our debate with the "Fair" Left should be built on the principles of Justice and clearly drawn upon by scholar and knave alike to explain that patriotism and liberty are hewn from the rock of individual prusuit and not government distribution. Simply put, we are "Just" Right.

"Just Right"? Yeah, that's cute but the Democrats and Socialists have the momentum of the Occupy Movement. The GOP have told us how weak we are and Speaker John Boehner threw us under the bus. Heck, Obama might win the Iowa and South Carolina Primaries. I understand. The Media and DC Establishment have been so right for so long. How could they fail?

Since 2007, the region’s economy has grown by about 14 percent at a time when the national economy has expanded by about 3 percent. According to Stephen Fuller, my colleague at George Mason University and the go-to guy for statistics on the regional economy, growth here has exceeded that of every other metropolitan region. [http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/as-federal-gravy-train-ends-...]

When the US Treasury Department is your personal ATM, it is very easy to promote the ideas of wretched destruction: Socialism and Marxism. What's the method? Tax and Spend. The power to "reach" into another man's wallet with the fullest authority of the State to redistribute his wealth in a manner deemed proper and beneficial to others without the sincere consent of the walletholder. When such power is granted by force and influenced with guilt and envious judgement, it makes the burdened susceptible to the acceptance of a constant place of economic security and the false assertion that a winsome bureaucrat can righteously mete out financial supports. Somehow, government has the uncanny ability to choose winners and losers in individual accomplishment, establish caste systems from which to usurp endless resource and punish those that resist either in the official speech of the authority or the symbiotic speech of the media. Those that are "fair" believe it a right to "reach" into the "wealth" of the few to support the lives of the many. What is queer about the definition of the few is in its real time application. The few becomes the many that should support the indvividual cause or person that fits within the acceptable cradle that is rocked. If its free education then, that cradle is acceptable. If every person has a right to a house then, that cradle is acceptable. However, what is uncovered is that the bureaucrats with the "god" ordained duty of dispersion garner the lion's share of support, both financial and popular, for their efforts. Their efforts produce no wealth and keeps the individual under the harness of the authority that feeds it. Eengineered on the promise that those that have receieved their ill-gotten gains will be surely punished, the Justice in Chief can act as legislator, executor and court. Simply, we encourage the rich to remain rich and pay for the privilege and we encourage the poor to stay poor or we will punish their success. There is really no middle class. The Robin Hoodesque system has broken it.

Just and Fair are two different things. A just system seeks the better end of the person rather than the system. Just is built on a moral principle. Fair is built on popular agreement. Fair systems seek the acceptable continuance, temporal rewards of the authority that rocks the cradle. Vendor Managed Solutions President Rumia Ambrose-Burbank counted on a just system to produce success. She did not count on fairness to spin off her company from Electronic Data Systems. Once graced with funding from a "friendly" mentoring group, Ms. Ambrose-Burbank had to learn to rock her own cradle in order to build her business. She did not curse the wind but applied the skills that she had developed in corporate America to exploit her niche and create profit enough to hire employees, meet payroll, provide quality service to customers and expand sales. Is it fair? NO! It is just that she profits from her success. How much of her success does she deserve? All of it. Should anyone begrudge her success. I hope not as in capitalism free markets offer the best opportunity for individuals to gain wealth. Her pursuit empowered others to pursue their own endeavors. Her industry is not illicit nor does it steal from the common good. She has the power to rock the cradle and based on performance can produce greater return than a government project. There is a city that is built on the promise of fairness. It has built quite a largess to support its good intenetioned lifestyle:

In the past decade, for example, federal employment increased by 50,000, more than erasing the declines of the Clinton era. More significantly, federal procurement spending over the decade grew 166 percent, to $80 billion from $30 billion. With less than 5 percent of the nation’s population, the region captures 17 percent of the federal payroll and 21 percent of procurement dollars.

It’s been a wonderful ride, not just for the past 10 years but the past 20, and it has helped make ours one of the richest regions in the country. Which makes it all the more painful to have to inform you that it’s about to come to an end.

Yes, America, those that have built the empire of "fairness" understand that their time is coming to an end. As with all Ponzi schemes, the battle to rock the cradle of Tax and Spend to subsidize the armies amassed to distribute the rewards is coming to an end. When any well dries up, you must either dig deeper or move on. The rest of the country has dug pretty deep to sustain the welfare of those that are sent to serve the people. The cradle must be taken away in November 2012. Washington, DC must be seiged by no nonsense conservatives that believe it is best to govern justly rather than fairly. The inheritance left by those that govern justly is always greater than those that govern fairly. Obama prizes his rhetoric on the ability to recount what he inherited. Someday, our grandchildren will be able to recount what they inherited from our governance.

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Comment by Lisa Miller on January 9, 2012 at 6:38am

Well done!

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