Why the Larcenous Class Support Other Thieves #Facebook #CPAC2017

Leandra Bernstein, then stepped up to ask for an interview. A Facebook representative quickly fell in to respond though the way I read it, he complete avoided the $1 billion question and was an admission of

"At the Facebook booth, a Tea Party conservative and veteran CPAC attendee walked up to the staff to ask why the social media company was only featuring left-leaning stories in its trending news feed. It's a common complaint among the crowd at the convention.

Last year, Facebook was accused by conservatives, including the Republican National Committee, of using the platform to "silence viewpoints and stories" from the right. Facebook responded to the complaint quickly and replaced its human news feed editors with an algorithm in an attempt to remove possible bias.

"I have maybe 5,000 followers and friends on Facebook and what I find is that if you look at the trending topics, the publishers and the writers themselves have an inherent bias," said Lisa Miller, founder of the WDC (Washington, D.C.) Tea Party. "Pretty much all of the articles that they're pushing on the Facebook population is big government, left politics."

Miller said the bias was directly connected to beneficial treatment that Facebook and other tech companies like Microsoft and Alphabet Inc. (Google) have received under rules made during the Obama administration. The Silicon Valley companies recently took advantage of an accounting change that will afford them nearly $1 billion in tax breaks over their next year of earnings."

Read his non-response here http://bakersfieldnow.com/news/nation-world/facebook-reaches-out-to...

We can only hope that President Trump has enough insight to cut off the Larcenous Class, for it is funding our opposition and it a net loss to Americans.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller


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