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Monopoly Govt Schools & their Mass Shooters

Dear Patriots, The school in Florida that suffered the terrible loss of life was warned by students, knew the Florida shooter was violent a…

Started by Lisa Miller

0 Feb 17, 2018

Action Alert: Call Your Senators to demand they Honor Budget Caps

Dear Patriots, Please call your Senators to support Senator Rand Paul's Point of Order to force Congress to honor the Budget Caps. If they…

Started by Lisa Miller

0 Dec 21, 2017

.@realDonaldTrump CheckList: Pork Projects, Debt & Impoverish Americans - Obama 3.0 #LarcenousClass

Dear Patriots, Donald Trump says in the below interview with Sean Hannity that he's going to rack up debt, not going to balance the budget…

Started by Lisa Miller

0 Jan 27, 2017

.@realDonaldTrump is going along w/ Mitch McConnell's Grand Larceny

Dear Patriots, The message to send to your Senators is "Deeply cut spending so w/ cost of wall included, it deeply net cuts spending level…

Started by Lisa Miller

0 Jan 6, 2017

Action Alert: Full Repeal of #Obamacare on #DayOne is possible

Dear Patriots, Please pick up the phone or email your Senators and Congressmen today. Ask them to submit the Bill for FULL Repeal of Obama…

Started by Lisa Miller

0 Dec 6, 2016

Thanksgiving Only Arrived With Freedom #Obamacare #RuleOfLaw #Freedom

Dear Patriots, Here is the true story of Thanksgiving, one that my ancestors participated in. Prosperity and therefore Thanksgiving didn't…

Started by Lisa Miller

0 Nov 23, 2016

Action Alert: Monday at the Supreme Court @Rights4Teachers #IStandWithRebecca

This Monday morning, the high court will hear oral arguments in Friedrichs v California Teachers Association, a cornerstone case for thos…

Started by Lisa Miller

0 Jan 9, 2016

Action Alert: Call Congress to Vote "No" on Omnibus

Dear Patriots, There is a LOT of ugly freedom grabbing stuff in this Omnibus Bill. The incredible uptick in discretionary spending oils th…

Started by Lisa Miller

0 Dec 17, 2015

Join the Protest Tomorrow Against the Iran Deal & Bailout of Middle East Countries

Dear Patriots, Aside from the outrageous lack of international oversight, the Iran Deal is a Bailout of wealthy Middle Eastern Countries t…

Started by Lisa Miller

0 Sep 8, 2015

I Dissent

The Supreme Courts majority decision on Obamacare is an able example of how it has become a meaningless institution, incapable of protectin…

Started by Lisa Miller

0 Jun 25, 2015


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